Rolling with Roland

This year’s Gold Medal Dijon is here, along with five other superb Roland French mustards. You can order them separately or buy all six at a delightfully nice price.

RLD100 Roland Extra Strong Dijon
RLD101 Roland Grained with Wine
RLD102 Roland Tarragon Dijon
RLD103 Roland Honey Dijon
RLD104 Roland Green Peppercorn Dijon
RLD105 Roland Provencal Herb Dijon

Do you know someone named Roland? Give him the give of mustard with his name on it. As in Roland Garros (French World War I fighter pilot); Roland Riskewiecz (inventor of edible underwear); Roland Smathingdale (English prune sculptor); Roland DesPoubelles (perfected the permanent smile, Montreal 1922); Roland Levenson (founder of the Anchovy Paste Museum). Even if your name isn’t Roland, get some today.

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