Scenes from the 22nd NMD

National Mustard Day 2013The twenty-second edition of National Mustard Day is now history… but what a spectacular event on a spectacular day!

A big “thank you” to our sponsors and volunteers who helped make this the biggest and bestest NMD yet. Mustard lovers of all ages turned out to enjoy the fun, food, music and games — and the mustard! — at the corner of Parmenter and Hubbard. We have the pictures to prove it (click here to view gallery).

Truly the nation’s premier condiment street festival, we are looking forward to another 22 years of condimental bliss on The Big Yellow Day. And remember, it’s never too early to make plans for coming to the 23rd National Mustard Day on Saturday, August 2, 2014!

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One Response to Scenes from the 22nd NMD

  1. Alice Ames says:

    It would be a sad world if there were no MUSTARDS. What’s a hot dog or a sandwich if you don’t have mustard. My mouth is watering just at the thought of eating mustard, and any kind is great but a hot dog has to have the old standby, YELLOW mustard. Keep up the good flavors coming.

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