Stepping Out of the Kitchen

Let’s step out of the kitchen for a moment. But be sure to still bring the mustard!

Our post from a while back that picked up on the’s story about mustard’s “healing power” for soothing minor kitchen burns has helped hundreds, many of whom have commented (over 100) about the surprising effectiveness of using mustard.

Keeping with the surprising uses of mustard theme, we step out of the kitchen again with mustard in tow. This time we look to‘s post about just that — the Surprising Uses For Mustard. Check it out their list of uses that includes stopping cramps, calming burns, easing a sore throat, crushing cancer, relaxing tired muscles, deep conditioning your hair, protecting your garden, erasing unwanted scents, revitalizing your skin, and using it as a natural decongestant. Oh, did we mention that is it is delicious to EAT?! : )

Then scroll down a bit further to watch a video about even more heath benefits of mustard (or watch on YouTube here).

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