Stormin’ Gorman!

Milwaukee Brewers legend Stormin’ Gorman Thomas comes from South Carolina where BBQ sauce is never red. It’s based on mustard and his “Stormin’ Sauce” (SGM500) is the best thing ever to happen to pulled pork, grilled chicken, and even salmon.

Gorman is credited with 268 career home runs but insists it should have been 269 – the umps called one foul but it was definitely fair (Gorman would never lie about that). He led the American League in home runs in 1979 and in 1982. Now he leads the majors in tasty sauces. You can order Gorman Thomas Stormin’ Sauce (SGM500) online or pick up a bottle or three on National Mustard Day.

Gorman Thomas will be here in Middleton for National Mustard Day offering tastes and signing bottles.

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