New Addition and a Museum In a Book

The Art of Mustard

Here is the latest addition to our Mustard & Medicine exhibit, a tin of powdered mustard from the E.R. Squibb & Sons of New York, “Manufacturing Chemists to the Medical Profession Since 1858.”

What happened to Squibb? It’s still around, having merged with the pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Meyers in 1989; the company’s official name is “Bristol Meyers Squibb.”

You can learn even more things you never knew you needed to know in the fascinating book, The Art of Mustard.

From the museum’s permanent collection comes 128-pages of antique mustard tins, boxes, pots, jars, and other significant pieces of mustard history. With this beautifully printed book, you’ll experience the artful joys of mustard in ways you never knew possible. Get your copy today… it also makes the perfect gift for the foodies in your life!

The Mustard Museum Book

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