The Mustard Museum Ambassador to Minnesota

This is Katie Nelson, whose friends and family surprised her with a visit to the National Mustard Museum on Saturday. Katie is a devoted mustard lover and even composed a song about mustard when she was only eight years old. Have a listen to this adorable recording:

Now, seventeen years later, she still loves her mustard and realized her dream of coming to the Mustard Mecca. Spending time with Katie was the highlight of the Curator’s day, week, month, and more. We’ve met enthusiastic mustard fans before but none with the passion and spirit of Katie. She has her DDS (Doctor of Diddley Squat) diploma from POUPON U, some official limited edition Katie Nelson mustard, a closet full of Mustard Museum outfits, and now an appointment as official Mustard Museum Ambassador to Minnesota.

Katie, thanks for coming to the Mustard Museum.

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