The Father’s Day Five

Here are five suggestions for a condimentally correct Father’s Day gift for Dad:

  1. Mustard of the Month – The ultimate mustard gift. We will send Dad three mustards every month (MOM2017), or every other month (MOM2017B), or every third month (MOM2017Q).
  2. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – Three boozy mustards. Dad can relax with his favorite cocktail mustards, spiked with the tastes of bourbon, champagne, and a Bloody Mary. (RSG333)
  3. Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Our baseball and mustard gift box. This features Stormin’ Gorman Thomas and his legendary South Carolina style mustard sauce, three more baseball worthy mustards, and a baseball signed by Gorman himself. (RSG2016)
  4. Hot Dog & Mustard Tie – The tie that never gets tired. A giant hot dog adorned with a generous squiggle of mustard will boost Dad’s ego as women will ooh and ah when they see him wearing this classy bit of neckwear: “Check out the wiener on that guy!” (TYE700)
  5. The Elvis Pretzel Party Box – The King is alive and well. Six mustards and a bag of pretzels will bring back memories, Like when the neighbors called the police because Dad’s rock band was making loud and “unnatural” sounds at 3 in the morning. Now what was the name of that band? Billy Joe Biscuit and the Tennessee Parasites? No matter, dipping pretzels into these mustards will keep Dad from going off the deep end again. (RSGPZL)
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