‘The Leftovers’

A Thanksgiving poem packed with (what else?) mustard…

When you and your guests are snoozing post-Turkey, here’s a poem to liven things up and remind everyone what to do with the leftovers. Click the links at the end see who’s what!

“The Leftovers”

‘Twas the day after turkey
And all through the mansion
We gazed and we wondered
At our bellys’ expansion.

“So much to eat!
Our belts are too tight
But somehow we know
We’ll be hungry tonight.”

So what shall we do
With all of those yummies,
Crammed into the ice box,
Awaiting our tummies?

There’s dressing and drumsticks,
Potatoes and gravy.
There’s so much left over
We could feed the whole navy.

Green beans and muffins,
Salads and soups,
Our Tupperware™’s bulging
With all the food groups.

But how to prepare them,
These leftover dishes?
What can we use
To make them delicious?

Ketchup? Or mayo?
No — those would be yucky.
But we could use mustard —
Now that would be ducky!

There are so many flavors,
And so many styles,
You could line them all up,
They’d go on for miles.

There’s mustard with honey,
Mustard with beer,
Horseradish and garlic,
They all bring good cheer.

There’s cranberry mustard,
And mustard with cheeses,
With olives, with walnuts,
Each one of them pleases.

Hot peppers, black truffles,
Don’t be in a hurry,
There’s mustard with chocolate,
With dill, and with curry,

We know you’ll do fine,
That you can be trusted
To spice your leftovers
With dollops of MUSTARD.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, from Barry, Patti, and the Confidential Condiment Counselors at the National Mustard Museum.

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