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From time to time, we are asked mustard-related questions by mustard lovers from around the world. This week we were asked a couple questions on Twitter that we thought were worth sharing… you know, in case you were thinking the same thing.

• One person asked, “Why isn’t there a Mustard geared for tacos?” Well, actually, there are several great mustards for tacos. Plochman’s Chili Dog Mustard, for one. But there’s also a large stable of pepper-hot mustards that complement tacos of all kinds.

• Someone else asked “What’s the best mustard for a gourmet grilled cheese?” For gourmet grilled cheese, the first mustards to come to mind are 3 Monkeys Sweet & Spicy Mustard and Fox Hollow Farm Sweet & Spicy Balsamic Garlic Mustard. Spread either of these on your gourmet grilled cheese and your sandwich will enter another dimension…

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