The Mustard Challenge Begins

Michael Durach and the Curator have challenged our friends and relatives to take the mustard challenge. We each downed a heaping spoonful of Lowensenf Extra, Gold Medal winner in the Classic Hot category at the Mustard Competition (watch the Mustard Challenge video below).  

We have partnered with the nonprofit organization “No More Kids with Cancer” and the “Mustard Challenge” to raise awareness of and money for pediatric cancer research. The mustard connection is that children affected by cancer are still being treated with 1950s drugs derived from the same compound as Mustard Gas.

The “Mustard Challenge” is similar in concept to the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Mustard lovers (and everyone else) can eat a heaping spoonful of their favorite mustard, record it on their phones, and say, “Hi, I just downed a spoonful of ____________ Mustard, my favorite mustard, to help raise awareness of the need for pediatric cancer research. I challenge friends A, B C and D. You have 24 hours to take the challenge or make a donation to”

You then post the video to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tag the people you mentioned and the hashtags #MustardChallenge and #NoMoreKidswith Cancer.

Fittingly, the Mustard Challenge ends on August 5, National Mustard Day. Make plans to be part of the world’s biggest Mustard Challenge here at the Mustard Museum on mustard’s special day.

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