The Mustard Museum and COVID-19

We wish we could tell you that two tablespoons of mustard will prevent you from getting the coronavirus but, alas, nothing will do that, at least nothing that we know of now. But we assure you that we are doing everything possible to make sure your next visit to the Mustard Museum will be safe and worry-free.

We have temporarily discontinued our do-it-yourself passive sampling. That’s where we put out little dishes of delicious mustards and allow visitors to dip a spoon or a pretzel. If you want to taste a particular mustard, ask a staff member in the gift shop and he/she/it will give you a taste from our tasting bar. Our staff members have been trained to safely dispense samples for you.

You will also see an adequate number of hand sanitizers in the gift shop and the museum. We know there is a shortage of hand sanitizers but please resist the temptation to take one home as a “souvenir.” We want everyone to be safe and secure in the knowledge that their visit to the Mustard Museum will not expose them to any health hazards. But feel free to pump out a spritz when you enter.

We are thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces you may be touching, in the gift shop and in the museum, daily. That includes chairs in the MustardPiece Theatre.

We have postponed the second round of the World-Wide Mustard Competition judging, scheduled for March 22. We will let you know when we will hold that event and how it will be conducted.

Our employees know that if they are at all sick that they should not come to work. We hope that if you are ill with any flu-like symptoms you will not expose others to what you may have.

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