The Results Are In…

(Cue the trumpet fanfare…) Here they are, the winners of the 2017 World-Wide Mustard Competition! The best part? Many of the winners are available right here on our website (indicated by an asterisk). If a mustard is available you can just click the product code that follows the name to learn more and buy it in our store (although a few may be currently out of stock).

2017 WWMC Medal Winners

Category 1: SWEET-HOT
GOLD: Inglehoffer Sweet Hot
SILVER: LissElla’s S-Special
BRONZE: Martin Olsson’s Jingle Bell Rock

Category 2: SWEET-MILD
GOLD: Vasterviks Grov
SILVER: Bornier Honey Dijon
BRONZE: Lowensenf Bavarian* (LOW101)

Category 3: HONEY
GOLD: Terrapin Ridge Pecan Honey* (TRP125)
SILVER: Pommery Honey* (PMM105)
BRONZE: Mustard Girl Sweet & Spicy with Honey* (MGL103)

Category 4: DIJON
GOLD: Edmond Fallot Dijon* (EFL120)
SILVER: Pommery Dijon
BRONZE: Bornier Dijon

Category 5: COARSE GRAIN
GOLD: Martin Olsson Foxy Lady
SILVER: Boetje’s Stone Ground* (BTJ100)
BRONZE: Smak Dab

Category 6: CLASSIC HOT
GOLD: Lowensenf Extra* (LOW100)
SILVER: Boetje’s Stone Ground* (BTJ100)
BRONZE: Beaver Russian* (BVR110)

GOLD: Haus Barhyte Spicy Red Jalapeno* (HBT103)
SILVER: Braswell’s Smoky Chipotle
BRONZE: Cherchie’s Hot Banana Pepper* (CHC105)

Category 7B: PEPPER HOT
GOLD: Inglehoffer Ghost Pepper* (ING113)
SILVER: Pommery Fireman’s (Pommery Moutardes des Pompiers)* (PMM102)
BRONZE: Inglehoffer Sriracha* (ING125)

GOLD: Inglehoffer Extra Hot Horseradish* (ING100)
SILVER: Inglehoffer Wasabi Horseradish Mustard* (ING112)
BRONZE: Minokyu Horseradish Mustard

Category 9. HERB/VEGGIE
GOLD: Stonewall Kitchen Basil Pesto* (STK109)
SILVER: Pommery Fines Herbes
BRONZE: Inglehoffer Creamy Dill* (ING128)

Category 10. GARLIC
GOLD: Garlic Festival Garlic Jalapeno
SILVER: Brava Gourmet Champagne Garlic
BRONZE: Rothschild Garlic Champagne* (RRF107)

Category 11. FRUIT
GOLD: LissElla’s Sea Buckthorn
SILVER: Napa Valley Orange & Ginger* (NVM102)
BRONZE: Aunty Lilikoi Passion Wasabi* (ALK100)

Category 12. SPIRIT
GOLD: Pike Brewing Stout* (PKE100)
SILVER: Plochman’s Bourbon* (PLC117)
BRONZE: LissElla’s Speyside Whisky

GOLD: Raye’s Down East Schooner* (RAY102)
SILVER: Sir Kensington Yellow
BRONZE: Suzie’s Organic Yellow

Category 14. DELI-BROWN
GOLD: Sir Kensington Brown Mustard
SILVER: Kelley’s Gourmet* (KGM100)
BRONZE: French’s Spicy Brown

Category 15. EXOTIC
GOLD: Schlotterbeck & Foss Blue Cheese
SILVER: Terrapin Ridge Indian Spices (Garam Masala)* (TRP114)
BRONZE: Braswell’s Truffle Mustard

Category 16. BBQ SAUCES
GOLD: Ole Ray’s Classic* (OLE503)
SILVER: LissElla’s Cowboy BBQ
BRONZE: French’s Twangy BBQ Sauce

But which of these mustards was crowned “Grand Champion” for 2017? This year’s best of the best is Haus Barhyte Spicy Red Jalapeño Mustard (HBT103). It’s the first pepper mustard to win the Grand Champion award at the World-Wide Mustard Competition. This medium hot mustard is the perfect mix of zesty mustard and spicy peppers. It is excellent on burgers, brats, and cheese.

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