Time for a Surprise

A big surprise. Or, if you like, a really big mega surprise.

The Curator’s Surprise. For the modest sum of $39.95, the Curator will send you at least $60 worth of mustards and other comestibles from our gift shop. What will they be? That’s the surprise. But we know you will love them.

Want more? Then go MEGA with The Curator’s MEGA Surprise, a least $75 worth of mustards, etc. for just $49.95.

Everybody loves a surprise, especially when it’s a boatload of mustards that the Curator personally selects for you.

And everybody loves a condiment anagram.The results can be, well, surprising. If you scramble the letters in the words “VERY HOT MUSTARD”, you come up with “TARDY TUSH MOVER”.



Send us your favorite condiment anagram and we will post them in the employee’s lavatory. They don’t have to be related to mustard. For example: “KETCHUP EATING PERSON” = “PUKING THE STONE CRAP” and “MAYONNAISE ADDICTS” = “AS MANY IDIOTS DANCE”.

The possibilities are endless. Join in. Before it’s against the law.

If you have nothing better to do, you can email the Curator at curator@mustardmuseum.com.

Better yet, join us in Middleton for the sure-to-be-amazing princely gala, An Evening of Mustard Royalty

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