Trouble with the Law?

She’s at it again. A judge has ordered the always feisty Mrs. Mustard to behave for six months. According to a story out of Scotland, Mrs. Mustard attacked her neighbor’s car and then her neighbor himself with her walking stick. (Read the story)

Is this our own lovable Mrs. Mustard run amuck or perhaps just a case of mistaken identity? According to Patti Levenson, wife of the Mustard Museum’s curator, “I’ve never been in Scotland so it can’t possibly be me.” Still, Patti is known around the world as THE “Mrs. Mustard” and she is not a woman to take lightly any ungracious behavior.

Please send get well cards to the Curator in care of the Mustard Museum. After posting this picture of Mrs. Mustard (taken next to Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait at the Orsay Museum in Paris in 2009 — quite the resemblance?), the Curator expects to feel the wrath of Mrs. Mustard’s walking stick and may be in traction for several weeks.

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One Response to Trouble with the Law?

  1. Lynn Gitelis says:

    Please tell Mrs. Mustard that being compared to Vincent is a GOOD thing :) He’s a renowned artist and universally loved! (OK loved by a lot of folks :D ) Besides, that IS a good picture .. and we know for a fact that she never hit anyone in Scotland :)

    I hope you are not buried in snow the way we are today (Twin Cities). It may be time to bring back horses and sleighs!

    Thanks for the grins! Much appreciated !

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