TWO Biggies for February

We can’t wait to get out of the insane weather that January has brought us, but there are two other reasons to welcome February — important holidays that are best celebrated with mustard.

You’re not seriously going to give your sweetie flowers or candy this Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)… are you? That would be so old school and totally not with it. Send the gift of mustard, the gift that says “Our love is spicy!” Our three Valentine’s squeeze mustards are both gifts and greeting cards:

Champagne Honey Mustard (“Chocolate? Roses? No, I know what you like!”) VD100
Jalapeño Mustard (“You’re the mustard on my wienie!”) VD101
Sweet-Hot Stoneground Mustard (“Squeeze My Mustard!”) VD102

Maybe just go crazy and buy all three! (VD300). Also available in glass (VD110, VD111, VD112; all three VD333).

Oh… and about that second big holiday event for February… anyone remember what that might be? Here’s a hint: it will occur on Feb 18…

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