Valentine’s Dinner, the Mustard Way

We love this menu featured on Epicurious. It’s not only delicious, it’s romantically retro. As they say on the web page, “this year, it’s time to kick it old school.”

There’s something endearing about old fashioned romance, no matter the occasion. But that’s especially true at Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Dinner menu is fun not only because it’s retro, but also because it features a mustard-based salad dressing and lamb chops cooked with rosemary and garlic for VDay.

The author was inspired by a Valentine’s menu featured in a 1977 issue of Glamour (is that a super-youthful Christie Brinkley on the cover?!! We digress…). It’s a fun read with the authors thoughts and links to recipes.

While any of our Dijons on our French mustards page would be excellent for the mustard-based salad dressing, we recommend Musette Authentic Dijon (MSE100) or Amora Moutarde de Dijon (AMR102). Both can be found here. Or another excellent option is the Maille Original Dijon (MAI107). For a quick link to their salad featuring the warm mustard dressing, just click here.

For the lamb, we suggest you simply salt & pepper your rack of lamb or chops (or even a roast) and then generously schmear on our Olivier Toasted Garlic & Herb Mustard (with rosemary & thyme, product code OLV103) for cooking to make a super easy variation of what’s listed on Epicurious.

(FYI: The Curator and I will actually be making a leg of lamb this Friday night for a dinner party and we’ll be coating the meat with Olivier before roasting!)

And, you know, the carrots will be even more delicious when glazed with Dr. Pete’s Praline Mustard Glaze (DRP100) just before the end of roasting. YUM!

Another great idea for a dessert finish to this romantic menu (in addition to the yummy idea they highlight), is to have at least one glass of your favorite champagne (or something sparkly) to go with a couple of amazing Fabbri Amarena Cherries (FBR400) dropped right into your champagne glass. How romantic is THAT?!

Stop by the Mustard Museum & Gourmet Gift Shop for these and other easy VDay dinner & dessert ideas!

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