Video Preview of the National Mustard Museum

Learn more about the National Mustard Museum by watching this super fun video preview from Travel Annex. Narrated by the Museum’s curator and founder, Barry Levenson, it includes just about everything you need to know about the museum!

4 Responses to Video Preview of the National Mustard Museum

  1. lynda wolf says:

    looking forward to my visit while on a bus trip to Quiltexpo. Hope i have time to enjoy it all! Great video. Thanks

  2. David Rqy says:

    I enjoyed your discussion of the Mustard Museum on this website very much. I got a jar of Dave’s
    Gourmet Insanity Sauce from you several years ago and enjoy it very much (in small quantities) as i have a heart condition. I do prefer ketchup on hot dogs along with sweet pickle relish and raw onion. I live in Libertyville, IL. therefore, I don’t get up your way too often. I love to stop in when i do, however. I also LOVE the name of your institute of higher learning!

  3. I watched your video and wow was I really amazed at all the different kinds of mustard there are. I live in Orlando Florida and I am getting ready to work at Universal Studios in Orlando, so excited about starting my new job at Hot Dog Hall of Fame, I will pass the word on about the Mustard Museum. Hopefully I can come to visit one day at your museum.

  4. Sue says:

    Dear Barry,

    We have passed this museum several times when you were located in Mt. Horeb, and we’re never able to stop. The museum was either closed or we didn’t have time. However, there shall be NO MORE excuses and we will make a mustard pilgrimage to see you in Middleton this spring or summer. I cannot wait! See you soon!

    Sue And Bill Foster

    P.S. Thanks for being you and realizing the importance of the history and future of mustard . We need more people like you in this world. Are you familiar with the Accordion Museum? I believe it is located in Chippewa Falls, but I would have to check to be certain. One more question, have you been to the SPAM museum in Minnesota?

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