Vote With Mustard

Here’s your chance to have your condiment heard!

It’s POUPON Politics here at the National Mustard Museum with the brewing “recall” controversy heating up in Wisconsin. You can weigh in with mustard regarding the potential gubernatorial recall. Now you can vote with your mustard! We offer both “Support Scott Walker Mustard” and the “Recall Scott Walker Mustard“.

We’ll keep you posted on which mustard is selling better than the other — obviously, condimental polling is a far more accurate measure of political sentiment than any poll. So, let your condiment be heard and cast your vote in “The Wisconsin Mustard Poll”.

These are available in glass (this one is glass) or recyclable plastic (coming soon) and in a variety of flavors (you choose). You can also buy a party gift box with six mustards (different flavors) and a big bag of pretzels!

The Wisconsin Mustard Poll