“We All Live…

… in a Yellow Mustard Jar!”

Did you see Sunday night’s CBS salute to the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964? Wow! We especially loved Ringo leading the audience in “Yellow Submarine.” Here at the National Mustard Museum we sing a mustard version of that great song and you can sing it, too. It’s called “Yellow Mustard Jar” — here are the lyrics:

In the town where I was born
Lived a man with yellow cars.
He drove them all to hot dog stands
In the land of mustard jars.

So we rode up to the sun
Where we sat down at the bar
And we found our paradise
In our yellow mustard jar.

We all live in a yellow mustard jar,
Yellow mustard jar, yellow mustard jar,
We all live in a yellow mustard jar,
Yellow mustard jar, yellow mustard jar.

Mustard fans have come to cheer
From everywhere, both near and far,
The mustard king is on his throne
In his golden mustard jar.

And our friends are just like us,
Eating gobs of it every night
Then the band begins to play…

[Ye olde chorus, if you please.]

We learn to write, we learn to spell:
“M-U-S-T . . . A-R-D”
Exercise and eating well,
Knowing mustard’s good for me.

As we live a tasty life
Everyone of us has all we need
Deep blue sky and shining star
In our yellow mustard jar.

[One last blast of the chorus, with gusto!]

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