What Else Can You Do?

sweet-hot mustards

One of our most popular mustard varieties has always been the sweet-hot mustards. As you dip, dollop or dunk your pretzels, etc., into a jar of your favorite honey or sweet-hot, there are a lot of other ways to enjoy these mustards you should consider.

Some of these suggestions may surprise you but real mustard lovers are fearless. Although this style of mustard is ideal for pretzel dipping, sweet-hot and honey mustards go with many other foods. The possibilities for these mustards are boundless, but we really like the following ideas. Try them all.

What’s your most outrageous sweet-hot mustard mate? We’ll share it with Mustard Nation if you email your favorite to the Curator.

  • Slather on your morning donuts
  • Add some crushed red pepper and dunk your egg rolls
  • Spread on a stinky cheese sandwich (fabulous with limburger on rye with raw onion)
  • Drizzle it on baked squash
  • Drench your chicken nuggets
  • Use instead of jelly for a peanut butter and mustard sandwich (“PB&M”)
  • Top off a toasted English muffin or bagel
  • Schmear on a turkey or ham sandwich
  • Mix with marmalade for a dynamite glaze for chicken or pork
  • Pour some on cheese cake
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2 Responses to What Else Can You Do?

  1. wil gee says:

    My favorite recipe for mustard for the annual ham dinner is just plain old keens mustard made with real cream and it’s just “like butta”. Ya gotta have keens power in there.

  2. NoVA says:

    My problem with sweet-hots is I can WAY over do it and the calories really add up. Any suggestions for some low calorie sweet-hots? That little 1 tsp (5 gram) serving is VERY small!

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