Wisconsin Mustard Poll

With the Iowa Caucus complete and the winner determined by 8 votes, we have a similar race heating up here in Wisconsin. Okay, well, not really all that similar with the margin of presumed victory… but you can still cast your mustards in the Wisconsin Mustard Poll. At last check the margin was 95% to 5%, plus or minus 0 margin of error.

But you can influence the Poll with your mustard in the Poupon Plebiscite by buying a jar of these tasty politically charged mustards. What’s this all about? There’s a controversial Governor here in Wisconsin and an effort is underway for a potential gubernatorial recall. With heated debate and often emotional opinions on the issue, there’s a lot at stake. And if you cast your vote with these mustards, there could be a lot on your steak as well.

Show your support for Governor Walker, or show your support to recall Governor Walker. In any case, show it with MUSTARD!

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