Yellow Journalism, Alive and Well!

And we thought our newsletter was “Yellow Journalism” at its highest — or lowest. Move over, Mustard Museum and The Proper Mustard, there’s a new purveyor of Yellow Journalism and it’s today’s Wall Street Journal. And that is meant in a most complimentary way.

Check out today’s (November 20) FRONT PAGE for an article about America’s Favorite Condiment Museum.

The term “yellow journalism” dates back to the late 19th century when several New York newspapers relied more on sensationalism and exaggeration than on honest journalism to sell their product. The Mustard Museum’s weekly newsletter is certainly sensational but we have elevated the term “Yellow Journalism” to its now lofty status. Welcome to the club, WSJ! We predict a Pulitzer Prize for the reporter, Stephanie Banchero.

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