YOU Be the Judge!

… at the 2015 World-Wide Mustard Competition, that is. We’re looking for mustard-lovers — food professionals such as chefs, food writers, cookbook authors, restaurant critics and food scientists, as well as “foodies” and some regular folks with discerning palates — to be part of our esteemed 2015 WWMC judging panel.

Interested? Then absolutely join us at the Mustard Museum for first round (Sunday, March 8, noon-4pm), and/or second round judging (Sunday, March 15, noon-4pm). March 15, noon-4pm).

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One Response to YOU Be the Judge!

  1. Mitch Haycock says:

    Hi, I am interested in being a judge. I formerly owned a coffee/fine food shop, and would love to assist you in any way I can. I would even write, or do other reviews for you, on an independent basis. thanks much,
    Mitch Haycock

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