Poupon U

“It’s easy to be the
Big Mustard On Campus!”

At least that’s the word according to Professor Mustard, in the library, with the mustard jar. At POUPON U, we recognize the values of intellectual honesty, freedom of expression, and hard work. We don’t practice those values, but we do recognize them. Instead, we offer a stimulating learning environment where faculty and students engage in spontaneous food fights.

Yes, the kooky coeds at America’s Mustard College are always feeling a little condimental. Which is why they are rarely seen without their official Poupon U gear. Hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pennants — all the traditional campus gifts as well as some not-so-traditional bookstore merchandise.

POUPON U understands the importance of a quality collegiate football program, and that is why we don’t field a football team. But we do have two (yes, TWO) outstanding fight songs that will make your spirits soar.

So give it the ol’ college try, Poupon U-style!

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