Today’s Museum

Stay tuned! This page will feature more condimentally exciting factoids about the National Mustard Museum. Factoids like:

  • Admission to the National Mustard Museum remains FREE! Although it should be noted the best way for the Museum to remain free is to encourage visitors to drop a donation in our Donation Box, make a tasty purchase in the Museum’s Gift Shop or online store, or make a donation online. Help us keep the mustard flowing for generations to come!
  • The Museum has been host to the National Mustard Day festival since 1991
  • There are currently more than 5,624 jars of prepared mustards on display
  • The latest addition to our collection is a rare mustard tin from Taste-Rite mustard packed by the Euclid Coffee Company of Cleveland, Ohio
  • The addition just before the latest addition to our collection was a handsome tin from Pilot brand mustard originally of St. Louis
  • The one that was added a little before the one before the latest addition was a mustard tin for the ARMA Elevator Company
  • The latest international addition is a mustard from Uruguay
  • The Mustard Museum routinely hosts gatherings and events, including National Mustard Day and the World-Wide Mustard Competition
  • We’re listed on the prestigious National Registry of Hysterical Places

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