Museum Attractions

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Mustardpiece Theatre

Visitors to the Mustard Museum are admitted free to the famed Mustardpiece Theatre. Discover the magic of mustard with engaging titles such as Mustard: The Spice of Nations, shown daily on a big screen TV. Travel the globe to the mustard fields of Canada, the sausage carts of Germany, the elegant restaurants of France, and to England’s venerable Colman Mustard Company.

The grand old Theater has also been host to many Poupon U mustard musicals over the years, including: The Sound of Mustard, The Phantom of the Museum, Les Moutardes, Hello, Dollop!, Curator on the Roof, Annie Get Your Bun, and unforgettably, The Full Mustard.

Food Quiz Game

After watching the entertaining video at Mustardpiece Theater you’ll want to rush over to the Curator’s interactive Food Quiz kiosk to test your knowledge. Or, if you’re feeling particularly zippy, just try the Poupon U online quiz!

Mrs. Mustard’s Kitchen

While at the Museum, stop by Mrs. Mustard’s Kitchen where you can learn how to add mustard to your everyday diet with cooking tips & recipes and general advice. Did you know that mustard is actually quite good for you? Tests have shown that eating a modest amount of strong mustard with a meal tends to increase metabolism. Shoot, the English use mustard to relieve stress and actually bathe in it to soak away tension and fatigue. But back to more traditional advice — while most mustards don’t require refrigeration, we recommend refrigerating all mustards (even before opening) for maximum flavor and to keep that characteristic mustard bite! Ahhhh yes, so much to share. In the meantime, you can sample Mrs. Mustard’s golden wisdom at Mrs. Mustard’s Blog!

The Great Wall of Mustard

Of course, the icing on the mustard cake is the amazing Great Wall of Mustard. Here you can browse through the more than 5,624 mustards from all 50 states and over 70 countries. Nothing says “National Mustard Museum” like the impressive Great Wall of Mustard.

Tasting Bar

In the Museum Gift Shop you can sample hundreds of mustards at our Tasting Bar. From the sublimely sweet to the scary hot, your taste buds will thank you. With the help of our Confidential Condiment Counselors you’ll find the mustards most condimentally compatible with you. Chocolate, blue cheese, cranberry, tequila, wasabi … so many deliciously exotic flavors to try and buy. Taste ’til you drop!

Museum Gift Shop

We sell more different mustards at the Museum Gift Shop than anywhere else on the planet. And because man does not live by mustard alone, our dazzling mustards are only the beginning. From a flavorful assortment of Gourmet Delicacies you can select chutneys, salsas, hot sauces, dessert toppings, and preserves. You’ll also find Souvenirs & Gifts with the latest mustard fashions, mustard-making supplies, and accessories. Remember, to get your hands on any of the aforementioned goodness without booking a trip to Middleton, the Museum online store only a click away

To discover why Middleton is becoming known as the “Cooperstown of Condiments”, learn more about visiting the Museum.

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